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Empresa: Guaternet
Sectores: Internet
We are a contact solutions company dedicated to providing a first class customer experience! We started out as an idea by two people; a Canadian and an American, with a commitment to provide high quality service that customers expect at an affordable price. That quality of service and attention to detail is evident in our inbound, outbound and back-office BPO services. Established in August of 2007, we are a different type of Call Center in Guatemala. Our focus is not only building a successful business but also to provide opportunities for people in Guatemala who have the same desire for achievement and growth as we do. We were established by entrepreneurs and that spirit is at the core of our culture, ensuring it will stay with us as we grow!
Dirección: Zona 13 Ciudad de Guatemala
Ciudad: Guatemala
Provincia: Guatemala
Forma Jurídica: Sociedad Anónima
Tipo de Empresa: Comercial
Último Acceso: 10 Junio 2014

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